HTML5 Example Template

tl;dr I made a single-serving site to get a simple HTML5 template wherever I want to.

Whenever I need a valid HTML5 template on a machine I end up in crawling trough a list of search results for about 3 to 5 minutes. Again and again.

Some blogs explain HTML5 in great detail, but don't have a single file to copy and paste. Others have such a file, but without some example components like meta tags or how to link a stylesheet.

And the most annoying issues are obvious errors. Sure enough, HTML5 is not new. Yet so many blog search result reflect a premature state.

That's why I build myself a complete, valid example template and set up a single-serving website for it. So I don't have to synchronize this file on my machines or create snippets in various editors but type one URL instead. The name of the site is easy to remember and based on the popular test domain

Bonus: When a commandline tool like wget or cURL is used to request the site, then it will return the blank HTML template only.


This was a fun sideproject to save myself some time in the near future and play around with several PaaS, CDNs and minimal PHP request parsers.

You are welcome to report bugs or send feature request in the issue tracker or tweet me when you like this service.

Update: 💡 The template used for this service is available as minimal PHP template package as well pixelbrackets/html5-mini-template.

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