Best practice commit message format

tl;dr Write useful Git commit messages by following an appropriate message format.

Git requires messages for every commit. These are shown in the git log. So whenever it is necessary to examine the history of a file, it is very painful if these messages dont contain any useful information, as this requires to dive into the sourcecode and diff of every single commit. The same applies to reviews, for example to check all changes in a feature branch.

Commit messages therefore should always

  • …describe the change
    • What was the reason for the change?
    • What is changed?
  • …be comprehensible.

A good commit subject is [BUGFIX] Change the order of JavaScript calls.

A bad commit subject is various changes.

Based on the TYPO3 commit message format and best practice guides I did write a example message format, which may be used as a convention.

BTW: A list of funny and crappy commit messages is available at Dont appear on that list, write good commit messages instead.

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